Why Buy a Local Brand?

In today’s culture, buying from big, well-known brands is the “in thing” to do. In an effort to fit into social norms, consumers from all generations tend to buy garments from big name brands, while overlooking the benefits that would come of buying locally instead.

The fashion industry is booming in the Middle East currently. Being labeled as one of the fashion industries most lucrative and outstanding markets, Vogue has estimated that the Middle East fashion market has boosted global sales by at least 30% just last year. This is due to the excitement around the big, well-known faces of fashion, as well as the support around new, up and coming names in fashion.

That being said, local brands in the Middle East such as Skipz, cannot be allowed to fall to the wayside during this exciting time for fashion. We are the fuel in this equation that is keeping the economy moving in a forward direction, among other positive benefits. Without new, local brands emerging behind the big, well-known brands the fashion culture would head into a potential state of stagnation. Without fresh, unique styles keeping consumers interested, the economy surrounding the fashion industry would begin to decline.

Buying locally in the Middle East is not only helpful in keeping this positive economic momentum going. Buying locally is also beneficial for the environment and the community. Consider all of the travel/transportation that is needed when doing business with large brands.

Larger brands are more often found in larger, more congested city areas. This means consumers who do not live near that city need to travel in order to make their purchases. Larger businesses also utilize transportation via trucks and other vehicles to transport their merchandise where they need it to go.

On the other hand, local businesses in the Middle East often require less travel time by consumers. Meaning, less automobile usage and contribution to air pollution. Local businesses often do not need a fleet of trucks to handle their merchandise, unlike larger-scale businesses in the fashion industry. Not only do local businesses promote a cleaner environment on the consumer part, but they also typically run as a smaller setup. Meaning, less construction on natural environments that were once the habitat for plant life and animal life alike.

The community greatly benefits from local businesses. Local businesses in the Middle East tend to drive in visitors once word gets around. Visitors that will bring their business to the community. Local businesses are also beneficial to the community in that they are known to donate more money per sale to non-profit charities and local events.

At Skipz we care about you as the consumer as well as the environment. Our main focus is on making a positive impact on the world. Whether that impact is on your life by providing you with a unique and stylish clothing line, or by having a positive impact on the environment and community that we all share.Egypt


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