Skipz Apparel is a product of love, care and passion.

Created by our founder Raghda Yusuf after she felt the need for a local brand emerging from the heart of Middle East, in Egypt. The idea came when Raghda was visiting Egypt in 2017 and could see how women needed an activewear designed exclusively for them to meet their culture.

A long-time marketer and part time yoga teacher turned into an entrepreneur, Raghda felt the yoga and activewear clothing available in the market didn’t really serve the local nation of the Middle East and doesn’t offer women the variety of colors they wish.

Inspired by a desire to do better Skipz Apparel was born. At Skipz, we don’t take life too seriously… but we are certainly serious about making sure the impact we have on the world is a positive one! We want you to do what you love and live life in happiness and harmony. So, we’ve designed and created every garment with this spirit. We spend hours on the style and detail of each garment, on the print, design and the colour. It’s exclusive to us; a part of who we are – and we hope it will become part of you, too.

Our brand is inspired by our founder travels around the word and the authentic spirit of the Middle East and our talented designers create each design from a fresh beginning, exclusively for you.